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UFC Fighters - Do Ab Bumps Prove HGH Use?

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Tony Ferguson made some noise on internet forums after he accused Kevin Lee of being on Growth Hormone before their interim title bout in 2017. Tony pointed to a Youtube video explaining the bumps on Lee were a result of HGH injection marks. Since, online MMA forums such as Sherdog have debated why UFC fighters would take HGH, why their abs might have bumps on them and why they have not been caught if it is so prevalent.

Topics explored in the video include:
- How many UFC fighters have these marks on their abdominal area.
- The benefits of taking Human Growth Hormone.
- Why fighters might take HGH over other steroids and testosterone.
- Who has been found to be taking HGH in the past.
- Why would they be injecting subcutaneously opposed to Intramuscular.
- Why fighters might not have been caught for PED use by USADA or the governing bodies at the time.
- How drug testing has improved to catch those using HGH and other PEDs.
- What else could be causing the marks?
- Is there an innocent explanation?
- What is the most likely explanation.

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UFC Fighters - Do Ab Bumps Prove HGH Use?

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  1. I have a six pack never did hgh. These bumps, I got 2 of them. Did test cycle once.

  2. Ive got bumps on my stomach that are similar but have never taken steroids. I think it was from acne when I was younger

  3. Really informative and detailed information on the subject Trent, as you say with out conclusive evidence we can't point the finger directly but we can come up with the conclusion that the likely hood of some athletes using in the MMA world is high.

  4. In the Wild West days, for sure HGH, but with USADA doing tests everyday during fight week, idk. Maybe from drawing blood from the fighters to test? Or maybe USADA is just a scam, and everyone really is on gear

  5. I love the ufc and many of the fighters but they’re all in the juice man. In order for them to train as much as they do and perform as they do it’s pretty much necessary not to mention those spots are on so many people’s abs it can’t be a coincidence.