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Dr. Oz Speaks On The Benefits Of HGH


  1. THE ONLY LEGAL WAY TO GET "REAL" HGH is to have a proven DEFICIENCY from testing. MOST of these products claiming they're hgh are really a bunch of GIMMICKS! REAL HGH is a POWDER that must be mixed with sterile or bacteriostatic water for sub-q injections in the tummy on a consistent basis. THAT iS REAL HGH and not just ANYONE CAN GET IT EITHER!!!
    Now, AMINO ACID PEPTIDES are HGH PRECURSORS. They're available and easy to get too!!! Melanotan 2 is one of the best one for tanning, appetite suppressant and libido enhancement.

  2. The Somaderm HGH Gel Is The Absolute Best Thing To Have Happened For Me. It Has Literally Given Me Life Again. Living, Looking and Feeling Younger! I’m Aging Without Aging And I love it!. No wrinkles, No joint pain, No Mid Life Changes, 💯Clean Bill of Health At 51. Loving All Of These Health Benefits In 1 Gel.

  3. Isn't hgh illegal or bad for you?