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Behemoth Labz HGH 191AA Review!


  1. Does it lose its effectiveness over time

  2. Have you had your IGF-1 levels checked with blood work to see where you are at with taking this from Behemoth. That is really the only way you can know without just going by feeling. What is your blood work (IGF-1) showing after taking it consistently.

    I recently purchased HGH from behemoth. Spent $700. I took 4ius daily for 6 weeks. I got a blood test on my IGF-1 levels and am extremely disappointed. I have tested my IGF-1 levels several times in the past while not taking anything and it has ranged from 200-250. Now after 6 weeks of taking 4ius everyday my test results came back as 207. I was taking it for healing and recovery of my shoulders. I am 47 years old and been bodybuilding for 33 years now. I did not notice any positive effects at all. No change in my body at all. I emailed them and am hoping for a reply or explanation. I spent $700 and then taking all those injections every day all knowing now that it was fake or no good. I am really surprised though because of all the good things I heard about this company. But I have noticed that most people just order and take stuff but do not get regular blood work to see if these substance are actually legit and working. They just go by feeling. If your Igf-1 number do not go up significantly then something is wrong. I wish I had that $700 back and could use it for something else. I feel cheated.