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Retinoids, Retin-A, Retinol for Anti Aging ~ What Works + How To Choose!

GenF20™ Look Younger, Feel Younger, Stay Younger With HGH

GenF20™ Look Younger, Feel Younger, Stay Younger With HGH

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Kollagen Intensiv™ Accelerate Your NATURAL Collagen Production In Just 84 Days

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**Correction** I incorrectly stated that Curology customers can text their provider, that is not the case.

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Links to Studies:
Overview of Retinoids:

Effects of Tretinoin on Photoaged Skin:

Collagen Restoration:

Irritation Not Necessary:

Sustained Improvement with Tretinoin:


Tolerance of Retinol, Retinaldeyde, & Retinoic Acid:

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Retinoids, Retin-A, Retinol for Anti Aging ~ What Works + How To Choose!

GenF20™ Look Younger, Feel Younger, Stay Younger With HGH

GenF20™ Look Younger, Feel Younger, Stay Younger With HGH

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  1. You look young and Beautiful ❤️

  2. The Avene technically just says 0.1 and not %. Nowhere on the package or insert does it say percent. Also FYI guys the Avene is bright orange!

  3. Omg this is the most thorough video about retinoids I’ve ever watched! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. If we use retinol, is it okay to use paula’s choice liquid exfoliation as well?

  5. what if you sadly have lifelong rosacea or even sebb derm (adult cradle cap?) ..i believe it is not recommended to use retin A in cases where the skin barrier is severely compromised as in rosacea.

  6. Hi Angie I am a mom of a 3-year-old boy and I am 36 going on 40 and when I've seen your videos I can't express how much your information your routines your experiences mean to me I really want to take care of my skin and you have helped me do just that.I just wanted to say lots of love and thank you!xo

  7. Hi there!! I would of liked to try the Curology but they don’t do Australia! So I will start with Avene.. I’ve never used retinoids etc before but wow a lot of info!! Thank u!! 🙌👏😘

  8. Hi! I just started following you. Can you put in the timestamps please?

  9. Hi! I am so thankful that you share your research on what helps aging skin. Thank you, Angie. :)
    I’m planning to order Avene and use that for a while before moving on to Retin-A or Curolgy. I do have a question. Would you suggest using avene in the morning? Night? Or both.

  10. I found on my country obagi retinol 1.0 its impossible to get retin a 0.1 ... does retin a 0.1 much stronger than retinol 1.0?

  11. Hiya Angie💖💕💖I really liked your video thanks so much !!! I was wondering if its OK to just use a light retinol cream I got only on my forehead were it is needed due to fine lines?? Also in the future could I use the cream on my face I have mild rosacea on my cheeks..THANKS so much...xoxox💋💋

  12. For reals, does retinol really help to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles? I just turned 26 and I realized not long ago that I have a deep smile line, forehead wrinkles and undereye fine lines. I am so worried about it. I have been very ignorant about the importance of sunscreen and skin care and I also didn't have money for any skincare until now ( student's broke life). I just bought advanced clinicals retinol and I am wondering if it will really help? So far I only see photo shoped after/before pictures or different expression, different lightening which seems so fake honestly. Also there are some who had other kinds of interventions while being on retinol. I found no realiable sources honestly. I would like to see young women with premature aging signs retinol experience.

  13. Hi Angie, just seeing this video. Did you ever create a cureology video? I ordered it this week and am nervous about starting out. My provider suggested stopping vitamin C and some other acids and I would love some additional information on how you eased into it. Thanks!

  14. Show the name of the product clearly in your screen pls.

  15. I have a question; I read in a doctor’s article that a cell in general can renew itself around 50 times only and that retinol is actually bad because it makes cells renew themselves faster so if we use it for too long, by the time we get older, we won’t have any more cells to renew... so our skin will actually end up aging more. Does it make sense? They also state in the article that since it makes the skin regenerate quicker, the « new » skin isn’t as protective because the process was sped up. Does any of it make sense? I’m 30 and wanna start using retinol but I don’t want to regret it at 40 or 50.

  16. Lots of great information without a lot of unnecessary chatter. You are one of my 3 favorite channels for that reason. Always enjoy your content. I just started Curilogy. So far so good.

  17. You’re absolutely beautiful & your skin is amazing !!! Thank you for the help !

  18. I really like this lady's videos. I always learn a lot from her and her skin looks great👌🏽

  19. Thank you so much for this video. This was really informative. I am now obsessed with sunscreen. I visited an aesthetician right before I discovered your channel and she practically yelled at me for the amount of sun I was getting on my face. Really tought me about my skin. My freckles are super dark which are actually scars. I thought slapping on sunscreen right before I walked out the door was enough, but it wasn't. I was not waiting 15 minutes before walking. I also went ahead and bought SPF long sleeve shirts, wide brim hat (protectant UVA/UVB rays), and sunglasses that are polarized and also protect against UVA/UVB. Thank you for your channel!

  20. Can you use Retin A and Adapalene together but on different nights?

  21. Thank u for thé vidéo. Vert informative! Can you use for crows feet? Close to thé éye? Thank you!

  22. Extremely helpful! I am trying Rx Tretinoin Cream (a friend gave it to me). I found this video quite impressive. You have been a BIG help. I hope I did this right, I sponge-dabbed some clean filtered water and added Hyaluronic Acid after about 20 minutes. I don't know if it's too soon to tell, but I don't feel any irritation. I was cautious has to how much of Tretinoin to use, and where, since my friend explained it to me. Thank you for your video! Glad to know I don't have to rely on a prescription to get some decent products without the prescription!

  23. Hi Angie, I have recently started ( 2-3 days) a skin care routine and now I find that i am beginning to breakout a bit on my chin and neck.
    I am 68 so I think I should be well past basic skin breakouts? .. I am using the standard recommended daily serums: Vit C, Hyalralonic acid and Retinal..with a moisture as well. I think maybe you had mentioned that Retinal could make the skin break out as the skin is turning over ??? Love your channel and thanks for listening..

  24. It starts to itch the crap out of me around my nose and eyes. Even tho I avoid those areas I seem to always get it there lol

  25. By far my favorite channel. You are humble and have really researched at length and I like that! I am 49 and so grateful for you and your videos!

  26. Please help ! I began my scripted retnoid three weeks ago and all is well thanks to Angie. But last night I waxed my upper lip and chin and did not realise how bad this is to do. I have now terrible chin and lip rash and it’s all red and scabby. What should I do now and in the future to remove facial hair. Thanks. Sophie.

  27. Thank you Angie. This is an excellent video--I'm hoping retin-a will clear my brown spots from the sun--glad to know it takes time!! Thanks.

  28. Hi thank u so much for this information.
    Has Acretin 0. 025% the same ingredients as retinA ?