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Dr. Rimka How to Apply the HGH Gel- LONG version


  1. This product has been life changing for me. I can not live without it!!

  2. I would like to know: if Somaderm really does contain HGH, then how could it be legal without a prescription? And if it doesn’t contain HGH, then isn’t its marketing a little misleading?

  3. Just about to get my first bottle. After the first month or so, how do I know that I am taking the right amount? What are the symptoms that I should watch for to tell me I need more or less?

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  5. Stop the lies, and the false advertising, these people are scaming just to take your money, follow their videos and you will notice they stop posting about this awful product.

  6. Christ almighty! What a load of crap! You Yanks are so gullible! It's no wonder you're the laughing stock of the world! I thought those snake oil salesmen in the old cowboy movies were as far as it went but I see they still exist. I guess they always will as long as there are stupid people out there to buy the stuff.

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  8. How stupid would you have to be to youtube how to massage lotion into your skin, good god the world we live in is so depressing sometimes. "How to drink water!" Gimme a fucking break. PS that's not HGH, it's watered down so much it's essentially 0 HGH, hence why it's LEGAL! WHOAAAA.

  9. Thank you for the video. Just curious, how does this product help to lose weight?

  10. Hi Dr. Rimka, I will name symptoms I have here: tired all the time, poor cognition, poor sleep, slow metabolism. So if I apply it to the front of my neck, the thyroid area how does it know to does its job in restoring the thyroid and adrenals back to normal? Thanks!

  11. Just ordered my gel! And purchased for your 90 day challenge. Waiting to hear from you guys. I’m a fairly new carnivore but I’ve known about it for years. So excited.

  12. i have ptsd sciatic nerve damage low back legs feet...

  13. List of  foods that increase HGH:
    1. Goji Berries:
    2. Yogurt:
    3. Pineapple:
    4. Fava Beans:
    5. Coconut Oil:
    6. Eggs:
    7. Raspberries:
    8. Grass-fed Beef:
    9. Raw Chocolate:
    10. Watermelon:
    11. Parmesan:
    12. Raw Fish:
    13. Nuts:
    14. Raisins:
    15. Whey Protein:
    16. Gelatin Desserts:
    17. Algae:
    18. Beets:
    19. Lemons:
    20. Colostrum:
    21. Raw Milk:
    22. Natural Spring Water:
    23. Organic Chicken:

  14. Hello Dr. Rinks, where I can get this?

  15. Shut up fraud
    THERE IS ZERO HGH IN SOMADERM, How do I know there is ZERO HGH IN SOMADERM....the label says so "30x" really? No compound can withstand dilutions past Avagadro's number (23x) beyond that you are just diluting water with more FEDERAL LAW SAYS you either have a bunch of people running around committing felonies or a bunch of people committing fraud...federal investigations currently looking into NUL will determine which
    Section 303(e)(1) of the FDCA, 21 U.S.C. 333(e) (1), prohibits knowingly distributing, or possessing with the intent to distribute, HGH for any use in humans other than the treatment of a disease or other recognized medical condition, where such use has been authorized by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) under section 505 of the FDCA (21 U.S.C. 355) and pursuant to the order of a physician...but let's ignore FACTS for discussion sake. Easy for SOMADERM distributors to do that because they are clueless when it comes to is how ridiculous "SOMADERM" is...

    The final dilution is one molecule of "medicine" in 10 to the 30th power (1030) of molecules of solution — or 1 in a million trillion trillion. At this dilution level you'd need to use 8,000 gallons to get one molecule of the medicine.
    Avagadro's number(24x) is the point where beyond that there is none of the original compound being diluted is left. You are diluting water with water. For discussion sake however let's ignore Avagadro's number and look at the math of what it would take to get one molecule of hgh from "the gel"
    A gallon is 128 ounces
    8000×128=1,024,000 ounces
    1,024,000÷3.5=292,571.42 (bottles of "the gel)
    So you would have to take 292,571 bottles of Somaderm to get one molecule of hgh.
    A bottle of SOMADERM "gel" is a 30 day supply by their "one pump" in the morning "one pump" in the evening dosing schedule.
    So that is 12 bottles per year
    292,571÷12=24,380.91 years

    So you would have to take "the gel" for 24,380 years to get "one molecule" of hgh
    At approx $150 a bottle
    $43,885,650 for one molecule of hgh

  16. This is absolutely awesome! Can't wait to get started. Thanks Suzan ♡♡♡

  17. Thank you for the info, I was getting concerned; I've been on the product for 7mths now and it will be 8mths starting in June. The only effect I have noticed is the deeper sleep. I have had none of the other effects from the Gel. I dose 2x a day morning and night for 5 days and not on the weekends. I use primarily my wrist and forearms and occasionally the back of my knees and armpits. I was getting discouraged and was going to try for a full year before deciding to continue. Any information or advice that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  18. I use my heat pad to heat up my hands and tops of feet and then apply it.
    And do it at least twice a day....everyday for the last 2 months.

  19. Why on the eyes? What does that help with?

  20. How does one know when they are using too much or too little gel? What are the side effects of “too much?”

  21. Great video Dr. Stephanie Rimka Awesome. ❤️

  22. Dr.Rimka maam im a disabled vet where can i find this

  23. Thanks Dr. Rimka, that was informative on all levels!

  24. Just ordered my first bottle... excited to try this for the first time. Will this affect any medications I am on?

  25. Is it possible to use too much at a time? I typically do 2 strawberry-sized pumps twice/day. Is that too much? I don't feel any negative effects (other than sleeplessness if I apply it too late in the day), but would I feel more benefits using less amount? I've been using the gel for 3 months, and I have great sleep, but no other benefits. Thanks!

  26. I have a question about where to apply the gel with chronic hip joint pain, he's safe, but in pain.

  27. I have another question about people who have primary care doctors who have concerns about the use of the gel for their patients who have high blood pressure. Surprising to me, since normally doctors think nothing of homeopathic remedies, but I have a few people who's doctor's are concerned. I have not heard any of the NewULife doctors mention anything about high blood pressure. What do you have to say about it?