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Chris Cavedon HGH Gel Training


  1. Hi Chris!!!

    My name is Shelly.

    Thank you so much!!!

    I’d really like to get in contact with my upline!

    Hi Team HGH!!! ✨🙋‍♀️✨I am so excited about this opportunity for this abundant health and abundant prosperity! I’m new to the team!

    Please check out my YouTube channel

    Blessings and Victories!!!! ✨💜🙋‍♀️😉🌟🌈👊💥✨

  2. I LOVE MY GEL... Best company I've ever joined. Everyone needs this gel. Thanks Chris. =)

  3. This company is Bullshit They can't deliver the product they have sold ( will they ever? ) They are now telling people selling the product they cant use Logo, or The Bottle , Imagine You sell MacD's and Your told You can't use the Bigger Picture or the Macd's logo . This company will be in court and bankrupt before 2019 . Companies can't succeed when people running it have their head up thier ass . It's a Drug in less than 3 Months there will be 3 More companies and the Big Pharma will be No doubt trying to tie this up in court as this is nipping at their profits & that will not happen as Big Pharma owns the DC Frat Boy's & Girl's & the FDA . I suggest anyone who signed up DEmand their $ back as this train is headed to Failtown! I set up a site ( I have done many for many MLM's I get these messages -I can not use anything they have created.
    all of the pics you have put on the site I can not use ~ HUH ? **IMPORTANT***
    Just a friendly reminder to those in our may not use the NEW U LIFE LOGO or Bottle in any social media posts. We are stewards of this AMAZING product!!!!! It is of REAL Value.....think of it as a PRECIOUS Child.....that needs to be honored....not blasted all over Social Media.... ~ I Took My Name off this Dog and told my customer to get her $ back or I will blast the Company sucks to 1 Million Views a day ) Stay away from these IDIOTS This Company WILL FAIL in Fact they already have they just don't see it YET!

  4. What is the 2 minute video and where can i find it?